Sensei's Viewpoint

Sensei's Viewpoint

Seemingly every month I hear and read stories which cause me to believe multitudes of so called "karate schools", have left or are moving away from, traditional moorings to pursue financial success or other shallow motives. Think of it. Original ancient concepts and heritage established over hundreds and thousands of years, bolstered by greatest legends as well as living martial art greats - (which captivated civilizations, nations, & travelers alike) have now been reduced to - (watered down) commercialized versions of what should be labeled and taught as "Aerobic Flailing."

Don't misunderstand. I am keenly aware money is necessary. Yet for some strange reason, success, competition, flashy/glitzy Hollywood hues and sporty stuff attracts many. Not all, but many.

Question is, how can we consciously divorce virtues like integrity, honor, valor, respect, discipline, and humility - traits that transcend baser "ego instincts?" How can we abandon the foundational greatness for which martial arts has been known?

This is why Acclaim is emphatic about traditional and classical arts. What matters most is not how impressed we can be with ourselves, but rather, impress others by who we are.

It is indeed tragic to see the underpinnings martial ethic eroding with time. Perhaps by this commentary, another school will be convinced to avoid ethical and historical decay such as this.




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