Our Mission


Acclaim Protective Arts Institute is a GOD centered institute. While this is totally optional, - the concept springs from APAI founders pursuit of ultimate truth. Scripture teaches us to be GOD seeking, law abiding, caring, productive, and,......full of His light - virtues our world needs desperately today. Thus, Acclaim has prayer, devotions, and scripture memory, options only available to those interested.


Acclaim's original intention was never to become commercialized or dollar driven. Today that hasn't changed. While Acclaim Protective Arts Institute is a business our 2nd foremost objective is to seek and maintain high levels of student skill and knowledge, rather than caving to commercialism.


Real protective art training is our aim at Acclaim. This will not change. We stand by history's legacy handed down for literally centuries. We believe preceding masters who devoted their entire lives to perfecting these arts succeeded in capturing the essence of superb self defense methods. If discipline, honor, and style mastery are sought, then tradition teaches there is no time for splintered methods, or hodgepodge trends that catch the eye. Find solid protective art training and stick with it.


True Classical protective art was never intended as a sport. Sport is fun and competitive, but has potential shortcomings in real street encounters. No doubt many seek to dismiss this, nevertheless one must carefully consider words of the masters and their lifelong teachings. Therefore, non-mandatory sparring/kumite at Acclaim is a part of our training, but not the focus.


Studies at Acclaim requires hard work and perseverance. There is no other way. Remember rank should not be given, but earned. Acclaim does not embrace creature comforts and fringe benefits with no bearing on true protective arts training. If a student truly wants to learn , we teach him protective art. Periphery distractions tend to soften its demanding reality and are usually opposing in influence.


Acclaim is dedicated to assist students refine their physical talents in protective arts. We have no other goal than helping each student make the climb to his or her goal,... just as long as there's a sincere student with enough zeal to attain it.


"The difference between a black belt student and a another student who didn't make it to black belt is,................one of them quit". - Kyoshi

John 3:16

No Regrets...   No Compromise...

Our Hours

Tues. - Fri.

5:30 - 7:30pm


9:00am - 12 noon

Closed Holiday weekends

Check our adult schedule, as we offer more class times for traditional martial arts training compared to most other schools or gyms in the area.


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