Authentic Temple Style Tai Chi

Authentic Temple Tai Chi

Taught only in the Chinese sacred mountain monasteries, Temple Style Tai Chi evolved from its 9th century origins to include the promotion of health and well-being; benefits so intently sought by millions in the world today. From its ancient beginnings, Temple Style Tai Chi was released to the Chinese public just 55 years ago through a select group of men.

One of these men was John Chung Li. Upon Grandmaster John Chung Li's passing, this unique and grand legacy was handed down to Grandmaster Robert Xavier. As a result, Acclaim Protective Arts is a privileged part of this rare and grand legacy directly affiliated with Grandmaster Robert Xavier.

Tai Chi for Wellness

Today Tai Chi is being recommended for the prevention and treatment of a wide range of common illnesses, injuries, and conditions. It strengthens the immune system, helps prevent illness, reverses deterioration of bodily functions, minimizes Alzheimer's, and helps combat cancer and heart disease. Tai Chi is performed with slow, graceful movement that is accompanied by powerful, yet relaxed mental concentration. Modern medical research and studies have confirmed daily practice of this graceful art benefit all who study it and age and physical condition are rarely barriers to its practice. Thru study of Temple Style Tai Chi, we have the potential to attain immense internal energy which counters negative cumulative daily stresses, re-energizing us both mentally and physically.

"movements for body improvements"


Medical Benefits may include;

  • reduces heart & circulation trouble
  • lessens tension, stress, & hypertensive problems
  • overall muscular toning, atrophy reduction
  • raised calcium metabolism
  • improved confidence, balance, and agility
  • proven in toning back and spinal integrity
  • assists in underweight and overweight
  • positive mental stimulation
  • much, much more

Other Benefits;

  • unique program
  • can enhance workplace productivity
  • less accident related injuries
  • exciting & interesting movements

 John Chung liBob Xavier

Tai Chi's Grand Legacy

Master Robert Xavier
Master John Chung Li
Master Lo Chi-wan
Master Chan Yik-yan
Master Wu Yiek Tai
Master Chen Kong Ta
Master Shut
Master Yeung King Kun
Master Tai Yai Chin
Master Wong Tak Wai
Master Lan Wan Sing
Master Kwan Kit
Master Li Tung Fung

(Senior student of Chen Hsi-I ... was Master Fung, author of the Five Word Song)

Master Chen Hsi-I

(960 - 1279 AD) Creator of Lop Hop Pak Fat (Liu Ho Pa Fa)

Our Hours

Tues. - Fri.

5:30 - 7:30pm


9:00am - 12 noon

Closed Holiday weekends

Check our adult schedule, as we offer more class times for traditional martial arts training compared to most other schools or gyms in the area.


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