Traditional Training

The road of training at Acclaim Protective Arts Institute is demanding.

Training: PushupsTraining is as much of rank requirement as knowledge and execution of technique. So with training, students who lack endurance gain endurance. Students who lack patience gain patience. Students who lack ability gain ability. It is through the forge of training which physical and mental temperaments are reshaped.

Continuous and solid training is forever the foundation of a good deshi. One cannot neglect training - just as a pot of boiling water cannot remain boiling if taken from heat. The age old adage "perfect practice makes perfect" is true. Training must become an acquired personal tool if progress is to ensue.

Training Mindset

Because Acclaim training is demanding, and our bodies tend to be lazy, a student's mind must employ discipline until the body adapts. Conversely, if a poor attitude exists, (i.e. "ho-hum", "detachment", or "protest", etc.,.) then training will be far less constructive - even a waste of time. A keen attitude and healthy desire for training must be maintained throughout ones career in protective arts, else a student will wane with time.

Training: Plumb posts

Repetition of Training

While years of "BASICS" repetition seems redundant, a student must not dismiss their value on any level of proficiency. Beginner classes are always open to advanced students who continue to hone their basic and advanced skills.

Sensei recommends at the very least "one or more" beginner classes should be attended by all ranking students each week. Plainly acclaims warrior spirit is the task master of repetition, and yet repetition, even when one fully understands its essential worth, is never easy.


Training Goals and Performance

With regard to training performance, a good deshi should never be content with status quo attainment. Yes, a good instructor should always encourage students to push their limits; go a little harder, a little faster, a little farther, perfecting technique,... but, its up to the student to actually "go for it!" Ultimately, we ourselves must press beyond our previous limits and reach for new levels of ability and performance.

Acclaim's Training Format

Training: PunchAcclaims training formats include required traditional and classical elements familiar to Okinawan martial arts. In addition, Acclaim occasionally incorporates a unique touch of ancient Te training/conditioning which must be experienced to appreciate.

  • Warm ups
  • Basics
  • Dai Nippons
  • Matrix Cycles
  • Itosu Exercises
  • Phase Cycles
  • Kata
  • Kiso Sets
  • Oyo Bunki
  • Fukyudai
  • Kumite
  • Kotekiti Exercise
  • Yakosuko sets
  • Kihon Exercises
  • Te Conditioning
  • Echo Training
  • Production Sets
  • Much, much, more

Bottom line is Acclaim's training ideals are not governed/influence by trends, fads or by what other schools do,..............

"Acclaim is not the Same."


Our Hours

Tues. - Fri.

5:30 - 7:30pm


9:00am - 12 noon

Closed Holiday weekends

Check our adult schedule, as we offer more class times for traditional martial arts training compared to most other schools or gyms in the area.


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