Kobudo / Okinawan Weaponry

Today such implements are not required for everyday existence, yet a unique air of romance seems to posses these ancient weapons,... an art worthy of diligent study.

Acclaim teaches two styles of Kobudo serving as an extension to empty hand protective arts. One can develop dexterity, focus, adaptability, improved sensory response, arm and body strength, etc., through practice of these ancient weapons.

Kama Weaponry Kama


The Art of Okinawan Weaponry is a legacy which has its ancient origins shrouded in vales of mystery similar to that of Okinawan protective arts. Much of this mystery has been accredited to past eras of social upheaval and war, during which historical records were lost or burned.

Sai Weaponry



However long before those days, ancient commerce upon the high seas had been well established and an exchange of cultural influence likely inspired such use of martial implements for self preservation.

Tsunkwa Weaponry



Ancient Okinawan weapons - unlike many weapons of China, and Japan - originated mostly from simple farm tools. Since Okinawans were predominantly farmers, and lacking in mineral wealth (specifically iron ore),... the choice of farm implements was convenient while subtly strategic - being inconspicuous to the enemy.

Nunchaku Weaponry



During those archaic warring times the art of Ancient Okinawan Weaponry was spurred on (by necessity) to highest levels of proficiency. One's very life and lives of others hung in a tenacious balance of survival served valiantly by these Okinawan weapons.

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Check our adult schedule, as we offer more class times for traditional martial arts training compared to most other schools or gyms in the area.


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